Cold weather!

With the country experiencing plummeting temperatures it is important that the temperature your guinea pigs are kept at are, at the very least, constant. A change in temperature often does the most harm. Guinea pigs that are brought inside the house for the freezing weather MUST remain there until the damp, cold weather outside has passed.

Reading Guinea Pig Rescue do not rehome to homes that cannot provide a shed, a ‘well insulated hutch with plenty of bedding’ is simply not acceptable at times like this. Whilst guinea pigs survive extremes in their own environment in the wild they seek out deep holes made by other animals- they do not remain above ground!

Heating your shed if you are a rescue can have drawbacks- you can only rehome to homes that will be heated, it also means that Humans who can no longer keep their guineas (who live in heated accomadation) will seek out the rescues that provide heated sheds etc. However, many people are happy to look after their guineas in their own homes and, with your help, rehome them themselves. This, of course, is not do able in all cases.

Merry Pigmas 🙂

December 19, 2009   Posted in: Planet Guinea