Satin ‘Update’…

It’s been quite a while since the last ‘update’, this is because nothing has really changed. When Reading Guinea Pig Rescue first got involved with the Satin Study it was to become aware of an issue that was likely to affect them and who better to collaborate with than breeders who keep Satins in large quantities. We have also become very friendly with Desiree who runs a rescue in the Netherlands where the Satin issue is seemingly more prominent. Working with Desiree and exchanging views has been most useful, we’re all for sharing information as is Desiree.

However, many people seem to have taken it upon themselves to become ‘overnight experts’ on the Satin Issues which has resulted in unnecessary confusion and rumours. If you are told a fact about Satins, do remember to ask for a reference and source of that said fact. We have recently been told that certain varieties of guinea pig are prone to Osteodystrophy, a line that has, it seems, been plucked out of the air with no basis nor reasoning; this has been put on an internet site too, but thankfully it was spotted by someone who decided that it would be sensible to ask about the source of the information, an answer was not forthcoming… Whilst certain lines may (or may not!) be prone, unfounded statements such as these are nothing more than irresponsible scaremongering.

When adopting a Satin at least the same commitment should be undertaken as when adopting any other variety as a pet. There are issues with Satins, but never be blinded by the satin coat. Many people have been and are tending to look no further than their guinea pig as Satins, even Satin guinea pigs get evrything else that is common to other guinea pigs- in short it’s a bit of a balancing act, get the balance right 🙂 .

February 12, 2010   Posted in: Satin Guinea Pigs