Moving Swiftly On…

Reading Guinea Pig Rescue have made the difficult, but correct, decision to close the rescue in its current form. After 10 years of rehabilitating and rehoming guinea pigs I feel that the time has come for moving on with our guinea pig community. There will always be a need for rescues as long as their is a desire for guineas as pets. I have gone from a rescue to having Piggy Pms to promote awareness of care and most recently have achieved, with help of Jenny Towers at Active Vetcare, my first Guinea Pig Welfare Week (2010). I feel these are as beneficial to the community as having a rescue, talks after Piggy PM number 7 have confirmed my feelings regarding this and now with the extra time I will have I can concentrate on helping both the Piggy PMs and Guinea Pig Welfare Week to evolve with the dedication that they and everyone who has supported me, deserve. I can say that some serious and hopefully doable suggestions have been made regarding Welfare Wheek but all dependant on an investment of time and cooperation all round.

To leave rescue behind completely would, I feel, be almost a complete waste of ten years and a lot of peoples’ input, therefore to take things forward and build on what I have learnt from the whole “rescue experience” I will be embarking on an online rescue project that involves rehoming, this will be started around the end of August, join Guinea Pig Welfare on Face Book or keep watching this website for further details of “Guinea Pigs United, bringing guinea pigs and humans together”. GPU needs a logo, small wage offered as soon as Guinea Pig Welfare make their first million! Email if you would like to design one for me.

Thank you to Reading and Oxon RSPCA for their contributions over the years, to all the vets that have treated my guineas and for allowing me to hold the Piggy PMs at the surgery (these will continue!), to everyone who has adopted from me – you all had to jump through hoops to get a guinea from me, well done, to everyone that has helped me in anyway over years and last but not least BIG thanks to Chrissie of Gorgeous Guineas who has, I think, probably helped in just about every way over the years; from fostering to homechecking to website building and more! Good to have you all on board and look forward to what we can achieve in the future. Thankk you to all the Gorgeous Guineas that have visited me over the years and taught me so much, also to my current teacher the lovely Lily who has taught me never to assume, ever!

So now it’s onwards and upwards for me and for Guinea Pig Welfare and anyone that wishes to be part of the ride, please join us, we’d love to have you aboard in some capacity. 🙂

Lily, at Piggy PM number 7, doing her bit for Pigdom 🙂

July 28, 2011   Posted in: Planet Guinea, Rescue