One Is Not Enough…

For the first time ever Guinea Pig Welfare is going to have a “theme” for 2012. It will be “One Is Not Enough” to highlight the need for guineas to have compatible company of their own choosing. Over the 10+ years of doing rescue socialisation/company has always been prominent. I have never rehomed a guinea pig to live on its own, neither have I condemned any in advice I give to a solitary life. I am certain that all guineas, when all their needs have been met- i.e. behavioural, situation issues etc, will be able to be sociable. If they are in a good place with no issues and are not happy with guinea pig friends then they haven’t met the right guinea or maybe there is an underlying behavioural problem which needs addressing. Behavioural issues can go far back in a guinea’s life. One boar I took in had been rescued from a flood where his brother had been killed, the lovely Human that took him in tried her best to socialise him, she gave him a large choice but eventually he arrived here and coincidentally I was helping an Animal Aromatics student with case histories, Mr. Red became a candidate, some of his hair was taken as a specimen and his oils were chosen. To cut a long story short he found friendship after his course with the first boar he was introduced to, later, when that boar was rehomed, he was castrated and lived with sowfriends.

The intention this year is to illustrate this need (an Animal Welfare Act requirement) by example, using the stories of the Guests that have been on Planet Guinea, this will be their contribution to Pigdom 🙂

Boarfriends. Castration doesn't alter behaviour significantly enough to guarantee friendship.

Sowfriends. Guineas are highly sociable animals.

January 1, 2012   Posted in: One Is Not Enough