It’s getting Boaring…


A little apprehensive about what's to come...
Apprehensive about what’s to come maybe?

Jimmy was recently bereaved and his Humans, despite loving him to bits, had decided that he would be their last guinea. However, they knew that Jimmy needed company and no guinea pig should be on their own. When they ‘phoned the local rescue and asked if they could take him him on they were told that they couldn’t take a boar that wasn’t castrated because he wouldn’t live with another boar and obviously not with sows. They were then advised to bring his hutch out of the Wendy house (where he free ranged, the hutch door stayed open) and put it near the house and “spend more time with him”.

Horrified, his humans knew that this was untrue as Jimmy had made friends with their previous guinea pig when both were adults. They were also aware of the fact that Jimmy could not live alone, human company would not be enough.

As Jimmy had been rehomed via me I was happy to take him back and find him a home, although I was also aware that finding an uncastrated boar a friend would possibly be quite a task!

Chiara of Gorgeous Guineas had recently gone to be a Star on Planet Guinea leaving her boarfriend (also adopted from me) Ice on his own. Ice was incredibly subdued and acting out of character afterwards and obviously needing a new friend. It was decided that Ice should meet Jimmy to see if he would be a suitable friend.

Because of Ice’s behaviour after losing Chiara we first let the boys meet each other nose to nose- well that was the idea but Ice promptly lay on his side and went to sleep, ignoring the pile of parsley put there for them both! One hour later and after being fed the pile of parsley Ice was not going to greet his guest and Jimmy didn’t have the presence to make himself known to Ice. There were a few glances being exchanged but no noises!

So to the run and some grass to chomp on, both decided to eat, Ice while relaxing on his side… But then came the action! A few noises, not rumbling or teeth chattering, just general “hello how are you?” greeting, then back to the task in hand, eating.

Eventually tummies were full, maybe more action? Only in way that both relaxed and lay down enjoying the glorius Autumnal sunshine! Like 2 little old men, they looked almost strange without their flat caps! In all my time of having guinea pigs I have never seen an introduction as errrr laid back (or boaring!) as this, truly uneventful, if they could have spoken to us I’m sure they would have told us that they were fine and we could go now.

Several myths exploded?

  • Boars will not live with another boar after living with a sow. FALSE
  • You cannot introduce adult boars. FALSE
  • Boars cannot live happily together if they can smell/see sows. FALSE
  • It takes a long time to introduce boars. FALSE if the guineas are in a good place emotionally (and if they’re not they shouldn’t be up for rehoming!) you can tell in the first 30 minutes if they will be a successful pairing and how to proceed with the introductions. All guineas are different.
  • There will always be some chattering of teeth and rumblestrutting with boars. FALSE, not always.
  • Only baby boars can be introduced to adult boars. FALSE. Adult boars have sorted out their characters and have nothing to prove, they let you know straight away if its going to work out. Baby boars personality develops and this may upset the balance when they are fully developed, it may not, but people adopting baby and adult pairings need to be aware of this.
  • Boars cannot live together. Very FALSE!!!

Thanks for your story Jimmy!

Chilling, is there a difference to being active with these 2?!

Meeting for first time, Ice is very cool about it…

OK job done, we're buddies...

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