Guinea Pig Welfare Wheek

In November 2013 we held our third Guinea Pig Welfare Wheek at Active Vetacare Tilehurst, Berkshire.

During the wheek guineas are entitled to a free health check from a vet and receive a free goody bag with goodys for the guineas. This year, as always, The Hay Experts and Gorgeous Guineas donated the useful gifts; a BIG thank you to them as they are a BIG part of what makes the wheek not just possible but a reason to bring guineas along.

One of the vets at Tilehurst said the wheek was useful because it gave them (the vets) a chance to see guineas they might not normally see and often to pick up on issues in the early stages, issues such as fungal problems that might only be in the flaky skin phase.

It is not unusual for people to take in large groups of guineas (sometimes 7!) as guineas live well in large groups when matched correctly, this meant that the number of appointments was soon into well over double figures. This year over 20 guinea pigs were seen, some of them only a few days old.

The goody bags contained a shampoo sample, a Bag of Fun for playing in and some different hays, for example Green Oat, Timothy and Deans Farm meadow hay.

Every year I am “given” a display board and this year I concentrated on basic info regarding a guinea pig’s environment. The board went up in the third week of November and on 27/12 it is still up! It has even been moved to another board so that the Christmas display could go up.

Once again many thanks to Chrissie of Gorgeous Guineas and Lisa of The Hay Experts for their support, once again, and of course to Jenny and all the staff at the Tilehurst surgery for letting me hold the event.

display board

December 27, 2013   Posted in: Planet Guinea