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Picking up the pieces…

Layla of NEGPR sent this story in about a group of guinea pigs whose health had been compromised because a large number was being kept… A reputable rescue will keep guinea pigs until they are well enough to be rehomed both emotionally and physically.  “They came into rescue about 5 weeks ago along with 40 […]

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Albie’s and Bradley’s Story

A peep into a boar bonding diary from Glyneath Guinea Pig Rescue who take in boars that are looking for friends to try them with their own rescue boars. “Bradley was born at the rescue (one of Prof. Lolipops’ 8 babies), sadly his beloved Colin has passed away so he has popped back for a […]

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March, for reputable guinea pig rescues.

    Currently just about anyone (in the UK) can set themselves up as a guinea pig rescue . Whilst the intention is to help the current situation (countless homeless guinea pigs) it can add to the problem sometimes or not do the good that it should do, ie provide the all the information needed […]

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