It’s cold outside…

… so bring the guinea pigs into a temperature controlled environment. Comfortable for them and for you.

Oil Filled Radiators are a safe way to heat sheds and relatively cheap to run. Cost will depend on supplier but, for instance, a 1kw heater would cost 10p an hour to run where the unit cost is 10p. To “prolong” life of the radiators cover when not in use to prevent them from becoming dusty and dust etc getting in the vents. Prices start from around£29 and if looked after properly the radiators can last for years.

Snugglesafe Microwaveable Heatpads are great as a direct source of heat for guinea pigs that need an extra boost. Whilst it is most important to heat the environment guinea pigs such as the ill and elderly require an extra boost. Remember that guinea pigs who are not mobile must be moved/turned every 30 minutes or so if they are laying on a heatpad (must be covered) to prevent vasodilation. Priced at £13.90 from they are worth investing in.

Maximum Minimum Thermometers are useful for finding out how hot/cold the temperature REALLY gets to when you are not there. As well as the current reading these thermometers store the hottest and coldest temperatures that have been reached. A very useful piece of equipment to have. As an interesting feature it is good to have an indoor outdoor thermometer too. Priced at around £13 these are an inexpensive yet necessary piece of equipment to have.

October 26, 2010   Posted in: Seasonal care