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Spring Into Summer…

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First Aid

A list of what is needed for first aid for guinea pigs:  First Aid to mean” initial emergency care prior to veterinary attention”. Often this first aid treatment is potentially life saving action before guinea can be assessed by a vet. Therefore the products listed will be “must haves” as opposed to what is needed […]

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Fireworks and Guineas… Or Not.

A Few Firework Related Facts: But first, fireworks are NOT fun for guinea pigs, fireworks are loud, sudden noises that come from nowhere. It’s the fact that they come suddenly, with no warning and are unfamiliar that frightens guineas. Whilst Guineas adjust to the sound of the vacuum cleaner and other household noises this is […]

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In The Heat of The Moment…

In The Heat Of The Moment… … you may be required to treat your guinea for heatstroke. Whilst all guinea pig treatment should be prompt heatstroke requires attention immediately- attention to the guinea pig as opposed to phoning for a vet. Guinea pigs may come from South America but they have the freedom to move […]

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Spring Into Summer, 2012

The weather has already been warm enough in Berkshire to put the guineas out in the run, though a lot of the time the grass is still taking a while to dry meaning hand picked grass is the order of the day. It’s days like that when I am glad I finally chose to opt […]

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It’s cold outside…

… so bring the guinea pigs into a temperature controlled environment. Comfortable for them and for you. Oil Filled Radiators are a safe way to heat sheds and relatively cheap to run. Cost will depend on supplier but, for instance, a 1kw heater would cost 10p an hour to run where the unit cost is […]

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Happy Holidays…

We’re on holiday, what about the guineas? How much thought have you put into finding the perfect “home from home” for your guinea while you are away? 1. Where do I find a list of reputable boarding establishments for guinea pigs? The best recommendations can often come from your local rescue or Vet. Also check […]

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(Re) Introducing To Feeding Grass/Runtime

“New grass” is grass that is, as the name suggests, newly grown. New grass is “rich” and needs to be introduced gradually to avoid digestive issues such as bloat or diarrhoea for example. These can be fatal if not treated promptly (treatment that often needs to be given before the vet is seen) and the […]

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