The 2012 OlympiGs/ParalympiGs come to Planet Guinea

Guinea Pig Welfare is holding the torch for Guinea Pigs at the 2012 OlympiGs and ParalympiGs pigcause they’re worth it. We won’t be doing anything too demanding though, in fact there will be no demands made, the guineas have elected to portray their lives how they enjoy them the most, just to ensure Humans don’t get the wrong idea! Popcorning and zooming is as athletic as it will get, and even then only certain Pigsons will bother to demonstrate this.

The ParalympiGs happen with the OlympiGs, no such thing as a Special Needs Guinea, a few different needs but not so special as to warrant a whole searate event, all guineas live side by side.

There is a somewhat Sporty reference to Guineas and Olympic here: London 2012 Olympics But “fur”???? It doesn’t take an email to skincare people to know that is sooooo untrue! Rabbits have fur, guineas have hair 🙂

Read about one of our Gorgeous ParalympiGuns, Fairy, here: Living her little life with her hairy friends 🙂 Of course we will never forget our own Gorgeous Lily who represented Guineas so well at the Piggy PMs, showing that she was as able as anyPig, despite having her own unique dental landscape and being blind and deaf. Lily lived happily in a herd all the time she was on Planet Guinea and fought for her place in PiGciety as did the others.

Keep checking back for occasional updates on events but no apologies for the pace of updates, it’ll be done the Guinea Pig way 😉

Landscape a la Lily 😀

Summer 2010

Graceful in DeFeet...

Checking out the Gorgeous Guineas' table at a Piggy PM

Zen, who loves to zoom, taking a break

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