Guinea Pig Welfare Wheek 2014



Venus has previously had digestive issues, this was discussed at her health check, demonstartaing that her previous history notes had been read.


A weigh in is part of the basic health check.


Not impressed at being interrupted with a health check…



As well as listening to the heart with the stethoscope the lungs can be listened to for evidence of any fluid present.







goody bags

Guinea Pig Friendly goody bags with products from The Hay Experts and Gorgeous Guineas.










2014 was our fifth Welfare Wheek, held at Active Vetcare . Guinea Pig Welfare Wheek is held in Reading so that local guinea pigs can benefit from a free health check with the added benefit of a free goody bag containg quality guinea pig supplies from The Hay Experts and Gorgeous Guineas.  This year there were two varieties of hay, a food product and some Perfect Paws ointment (with info and instructions).

During the extended Wheek over 19 guinea pigs were seen. As well as healthy guinea pigs there were a few issues that were picked up on sooner rather than later. The most common being skin issues (these can be parasitic, fungal or hormonal etc), one condition could only be monitored and advice was given on how to monitor it and when further intervention may be needed, another condition, which in its current state was potentially life threatening, is undergoing improvement from a lifestyle change.

As well as guinea pigs benefiting from the health checks a new vet at the surgery needed to step up because another, more experienced vet, was absent. Feedback says that clients were more than happy with her and look forward to her gaining more experience with guineas. Her health checks also demonstrated that information about guinea pigs has been shared within the surgery. So, thank you to everyone who had their appointment with Caroline for giving her the experience with guineas!

Thanks to Sally Ward and everyone at Active Vetcare Tilehurst for accommodating the wheek once again. I think its worth it, Guinea Pig Welfare Wheek may not save lives but it has saved guinea pigs some suffering by catching things earlier.

We look forward to Welfare Wheek 2015!



Display board by Guinea Pig Welfare


Companionship poster by Guinea Pig Welfare



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