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Picking up the pieces…

Layla of NEGPR sent this story in about a group of guinea pigs whose health had been compromised because a large number was being kept… A reputable rescue will keep guinea pigs until they are well enough to be rehomed both emotionally and physically.  “They came into rescue about 5 weeks ago along with 40 […]

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March is for Rescue!

Guinea Pig Welfare is dedicating the month of March to the rescue cause. Somewhat timely as very recently a rescue needed to be “rescued” and the animals, including some guinea pigs, were relocated. This is by no means the first or last time this will happen and the public must decide whether they wish to […]

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What is a guinea pig rescue?

    What should the role of a rescue be? Guinea Pig Welfare believes rescues have an extremely important role in the guinea pig community. As they are often looked upon as a good and beneficial source, the responsibility of accuracy of information and education is paramount. Rescues are often trusted because they have simply […]

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March, 4 Guinea Pig Rescue…

The Guinea Pig Welfare theme for March is “March, 4 Guinea Pig Rescue”. During March we will be looking at different aspects of Guinea Pig Rescue. To contribute to our feature visit our Facebook page here and leave your comments. We will be featuring some rather influential rescue guinea pigs and seeing what part they […]

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