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The Dawning of a New Era…

Around this time of year I have a Piggy Pm at Active Vetcare in Tilehurst with the help of some very willing volunteers and support from Gorgeous Guineas and The Hay Experts. The afternoon involves raising funds for Reading Guinea Pig Rescue, but primarily raising awareness of the correct care of guinea pigs among the […]

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On 17 August Lovely Lily went to be a star on Planet Guinea, or maybe on Planet Lily, who knows, she spent most of her time in her own little universe so is probably in a sub-universe of her own now :)She’s the white one, dusty in parts, doing her own thing and occasionaly bumping […]

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Piggy PM Number 7

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Piggy PM Format

Piggy PM’s values are based on the Pigfesto by Guinea Pig Welfare ( The primary objective of a Piggy PM is to raise awareness of basic care and of its importance to the overall health and well-being of guinea pigs. Guinea Pig Welfare is committed to working with veterinary profession and Piggy PMs are held […]

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