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Planet Gorgeous August Newsletter

Gorgeous Guineas Product Creation & Development 08/08/2010: In this wheek’s Planet Gorgeous Newsletter, Karen asks Chrissie all about the skincare products she makes for guineas. Karen: Why did you decide to make products specifically for guinea pigs as opposed to all small animals? Chrissie: After adopting the lovely Florence from you in 2002 (, soon […]

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Planet Gorgeous: Rescue and Fostering- one and the same?

Rescue is the place where the guineas first land from wherever and are assessed by the head honcho, who then decides what each guinea needs.  If the rescue has a foster-carer, they need to decide what criteria they use to decide which guineas they keep and which go to be fostered.  Also, what “rules and regulations” […]

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Finding Friends…

After the successful collaboration of Gorgeous Guineas and Planet Guinea last year the Planet Gorgeous Bitesize newsletter has evolved, bringing monthly hints and tips that are current and topical. Finding Friends… Guinea pigs should be allowed to find their friends as opposed to being “bonded” with them or having no say in the matter. Being […]

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Planet Gorgeous Bitesize…

After Planet Guinea’s and Gorgeous Guineas’ successful collaborations in 2009 we have decided to make it a regular event with Planet Gorgeous Bitesize. Every month we will bring you a topical newsletter reflecting on current issues in the guinea pig world. We hope you enjoy our first on skin care: 1. I have read on […]

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