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After Snow…

The majority of the country has been under snow at some time this month making the thaw a welcome change, seeing green grass again has been a wonderful sight almost! Unfortunately the ground is still much too damp to put guinea pigs outside on. Even if the sun dries the grass the ground below is […]

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Planet Gorgeous Bitesize…

After Planet Guinea’s and Gorgeous Guineas’ successful collaborations in 2009 we have decided to make it a regular event with Planet Gorgeous Bitesize. Every month we will bring you a topical newsletter reflecting on current issues in the guinea pig world. We hope you enjoy our first on skin care: 1. I have read on […]

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What’s In A Rescue? (Thistle Cavies Newsletter)

Thistle Cavies shared their experiences of so called “rescues” in their January 2010 newsletter. All too often breeders are referred to as ‘uncaring’ and “bad sources” to get guinea pigs from, and there are cases where this is true, what is rarely commented upon is that exactly the same can be said of some “rescues”, […]

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Castration Questions…

Having a boar castrated (neutered) must be a big commitment and understanding of what exactly is involved. Castrating a boar will not change his behaviour, just his ability to reproduce. All operations are life threatening and the positive and negative must be weighed up before the decision is made: Are you prepared to give a […]

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Bedding Sources

Beddings all have their pros and cons, providing they are not harmful to the guinea pigs and allow them to forage (a natural behaviour), it is, for the most part, down to the individual to choose which bedding suits them best. The local farm/farm shop is the best place to get bedding from. Not only […]

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Cold Weather Advice…

Once again much of the country is under a thick layer of snow or experiencing extremely low temperatures. Guinea pigs need extra care at these times in particular: Insulation (lots of extra bedding etc) is only useful where the environment is already at an ideal temperature. Insulation will only keep guinea pigs as warm as […]

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Time to diet or just eat sensibly?

Guinea pigs are like chocolate, you keep wanting more; so is it time to start eating sensibly? Chocolate guineas are the hardest colour to rehome at Reading Guinea Pig Rescue.

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