Fungal and Parasitic Skin Problems

Often fungal and parasitic skin conditions are present together  and both need to be treated.The priority should be to relieve the guyinea pig of any itching that may be caused by mites burrowing under the skin or debris on the skin surface. The burrowing type of mite will cause intense pain and lesions will soon appear as guinea tries to relieve it by scratching.

An ivermectin product is the necessary treatment for mites. Use on day 1 and day 10 when giving orally. If given on these days it is very rare that another dose will be needed, only in etremely severe cases should it be given by injection.

When bathing care should be taken not to use a product that will irritate the skin more. Gorgeous Guineas products are handmade, from scratch, and first tested on Humans before trialling them on hundreds of rescue guinea pigs and eventually selling them to the general public.

If none of their products are suitable they endeavour to make one that is. Chrissie at Gorgeous Guineas is a qualified Human aromatherapist and guinea pig lover, with several guinea pigs of her own.

This guinea pig went from scabby to gorgeous in 3 weeks. Treatment was Gorgeous guineas CocoNeem Melt and Ivermectin (day one and ten). Lavender and Myrrh Lotion (Gorgeous Guineas) relieved itching and loosened dry skin.

Gorgeous Guineas Lavender and Myrrh Lotion provided relief for sore areas and loosened crusty skin.

Pictures courtesy of Reading Guinea Pig Rescue.

December 31, 2008   Posted in: Gallery