Fungal Skin Problems

Fungal problems can appear independently of mites and care should be taken that the correct treatment is given. Ivermectin products used to treat mites can dry the skin and irritate further.

The first symptoms may appear on the ears, either as crusting or white tide marks. If the ears are left untreated they may ‘crumble’ leaving a serrated edge to them.

Hair loss can also be on the face near the eyes, care should be taken to use a gentle product in this area. Gorgeous Guineas’ Lavender and Myrrh Lotion is both soothing, safe and successful!

Hair will come out with a gentle tug and dead skin will be on the end of the hair.

When a case is advanced skin will be hot to touch, guinea may be fitting, lesions will be present where guinea has been trying to relieve the irritation. Pain killer such as Rimadyl may need to be given before handling/bathing where fitting is happening.

Veterinary products tend to be very harsh on guinea pig skin , Gorgeous Guineas Melts have been used with much success on severely fungal pigs and do not cause further suffering or skin damage.

This guinea pig was wrongly diagnosed with having mites, after being treated for mites and no improvement seen he was handed over to the vets to be put to sleep. Fortunately someone recognised the mistake and he was treated for Fungal problems with Gorgeous Guineas’ products before being rehabilitated and rehomed.

All these guinea pigs have fungal skin problems that they recovered from with the help of Gorgeous Guineas products.

Pictures courtesy of Thistle cavies, Knoevel Rescue and Reading Guinea pig Rescue.

January 1, 2009   Posted in: Gallery