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Spring Into Summer…

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The Issue with Permethrin…

Thanks go to Daisy’s Human, Louise, for sending us this story in the hope that it will publicise the need to check exactly what you are giving your guinea pigs and to underline the fact that it should not be Permethrin! All medicines have side effects and all guineas will react differently and with varying […]

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Barbering is the chewing or plucking of guinea pig’s hair by their friends. There are many different reasons for barbering and before viewing a guinea pig that barbers as ‘bad’ the reasons why this might be happening should be looked into. In neglect cases often the lack of hay is a reason for barbering, by […]

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Eye Abscess

WARNING! THIS POST CONTAINS A GRAPHIC PICTURE OF A GUINEA PIG WITH AN ABSCESS BEHIND THE EYE, BEFORE REMOVAL, DO NOT VIEW IF YOU ARE OF A SENSITIVE NATURE! This guinea pig suddenly presented with the eye as shown below one weekend. He was immediately rushed to the emergency vet who gave treatment until the […]

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Nose/lip scabs

The scabbing that guinea pigs get around the mouth and nose area can be the result of several causes. It is important when treating not to dwell on the cause too much as the scabs will simply get worse. Minor scabs may be the result of a diet that is too high in acidic foods […]

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Just For Boars

One of the most common conditions in boars is the Cauliflower Willy. Whilst it is no major concern care should be taken to monitor the condition of the penis and to keep it clean and lubricated. Failure to do so will result in infection. The Penis should be kept clean by gently extruding it and […]

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An abscess is a pocket/crater filled with pus. Pus can vary in colour and consistency depending on age. It is white or creamy in colour and can be anything from fluid with little lumps in to ‘cheesy’ paste that is of a yoghurt consistency. There is a definite smell present too that indicates infection. Abscesses […]

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Eye poke injuries

Eye poke injuries are fairly common and need treatment in case of infection. Eye poke injuries occur usually from a guinea pigs love of tunneling in their bedding. The biggest culprit is straw though hay poke injuries happen too. It is more common for the eye to react to having got a hay seed caught […]

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