Just For Boars

One of the most common conditions in boars is the Cauliflower Willy. Whilst it is no major concern care should be taken to monitor the condition of the penis and to keep it clean and lubricated. Failure to do so will result in infection. The Penis should be kept clean by gently extruding it and removing debris. However, cleaning varies with different boars. Where the sheath is not in use it is more likely to need cleaning. It is important not to use products that will destroy the good bacteria that help to keep the sheath clean and to always rinse thoroughly. This can be done with the lather from any of the Gorgeous Guineas shampoos providing it is rinsed thoroughly. At the same time check the Anal Sac, located behind the genital region, for any debris which should be removed in case of infection.

A cauliflower willy needs to be kept clean to avoid infection.

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Picture courtesy of Jenny.

January 1, 2009   Posted in: Gallery