Nose/lip scabs

The scabbing that guinea pigs get around the mouth and nose area can be the result of several causes. It is important when treating not to dwell on the cause too much as the scabs will simply get worse. Minor scabs may be the result of a diet that is too high in acidic foods coupled with a guinea pig’s reaction to them. These can normally be eliminated simply by leaving fruits and other acidic foods out of the diet.

Where this doesn’t work or the problem needs immediate relief Gorgeous Guineas sell a Green Cream that will treat for Fungal or Bacterial based problems therefore eliminating the need to discover the course and allowing the problem to be treated immediately.

This picture shows a guinea pig that presented with mouth scabs, the source of which was never known but treatment with Green Cream soon strated the healing process and the scabs healed completely.

Picture courtesy of Gorgeous Guineas

January 3, 2009   Posted in: Gallery