Spring Into Summer, 2012

The weather has already been warm enough in Berkshire to put the guineas out in the run, though a lot of the time the grass is still taking a while to dry meaning hand picked grass is the order of the day. It’s days like that when I am glad I finally chose to opt for grid cages around the outside of the shed; little Zen loves to zoom, particularly if there’s a window open it seems! The 5 of them have a “U” shape enclosure with each length measuring about 6 foot and 2 foot wide. Now the weather has warmed up they like to congregate by the windows, Dolly has the times sussed as to when she gets fed and I more often than not go into the shed only to see her looking out of the window towards the house. Or maybe she just hears me coming up the path!

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  • Seasonal snuffles: Read Gorgeous Guineas’ article for further info: Seasonal Snuffles.
  • Damp Grass: Wait until the grass is dry before putting guineas out, because they carry their bodies close to the ground they catch chills easily.
  • Rich Spring/New grass: The spring grass is rich and can cause serious issues e.g. diarrhoea, bloat. Introduce going on grass again gradually, 15 to 20 minutes is good. In the early days of going back outside a pile of hay is good too to help fill tummies (or give a meal of hay before they outside.
  • If you’ve not done so already time to book your guineas’ holiday if you’re going away. Good guinea boarding places get booked up quickly.
  • See also: Spring, and Introducing Grass.

Seasonal Shampoo

  • Spring Into Summer limited edition shampoo from Gorgeous Guineas. A delicious orangey shampoo, specifically for guineas and new for 2012, lets hope we have a long summer, I’m guessing the product ends when summer does?! Click here to buy: Spring Into Summer shampoo.

    Dolly’s first day on the grass this Spring

    Zen, who loves to zoom, taking a break

    Mr. Fantastic

April 2, 2012   Posted in: Planet Guinea, Seasonal care