Gorgeous Guineas’ Bathathon 2012

Gorgeous Guineas, the world’s only maker of guinea pig specific aromatherapy shampoos, recommend bathing in their gentle, yet effective, shampoos 4-6 wheekly. This was also recommended by the cambridge cavy Trust who carried out trials to collect their evidence.

A bath should be over within half an hour, it will consist of getting the coat wet, lather, leave for required time (stated on the Gorgeous Guineas instructions), rinse, lather again leave and then a final rinse. Depending on the weather drying can be towel drying or on the gentle setting of a blow dryer, but guinea must not be subjected to drastioc and sudden changes of temperature.

Guineas can have a complete change of character when it comes to being bathed! The mild and meek can often wheek and shriek very loudly in protest; those that are not so fond of being held may seem to enjoy the experience and completely relax. Bathing is never a foregone conclusion but it is a foregone fact that guineas should be bathed to rid the skin of any debris/parasites (this may also need a vet visit)/fungal problems.

As well as bathing the whole pigture should be looked at if healthy skin is to be kept; good husbandry, the correct bedding (so NOT shavings!!!) and the correct size cage for the amount of guineas (4 foot by 2 foot/120cm by 60cm for x2 guineas).

For suitable bedding see: www.thehayexperts.co.uk

For Guinea Pig friendly shampoos: www.gorgeousguineas.co.uk

Work the lather down to the skin

Work lather down to skin

Wash the face too!

Gorgeous Guineas sell sample sizes, try before you buy!

Something to grip on if using a metal sink

Clean the ears with lather and rinse

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