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The Bottom Line…

Anal Impaction: A condition mostly seen in older boars. Guinea pigs are coprophagic, meaning they eat their soft droppings as part of the digestive process. These droppings are retained in the anal sac while the dry hard ones are pushed out. The soft caecal pellets contain the B-Complex vitamins and are important to the guinea […]

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Girl Talk…

Specifically Sows… Sows can have the same characters as boars and should not be judged on their gender, however there are some things that are specific to them… Cystic Ovaries: A problem in the reproductive system. Symptoms can include bilateral (both sides) hairloss, dominant behaviour towards others,  enlarged/crusty nipples and, in the latter stages, the […]

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Steps for happy feet… Bumblefoot is when an ulcerated foot becomes infected. Use soft bedding: Abrasive bedding, such as woodshavings, may cause lesions which are then open to infection. House guineas in cages with solid floors. Wire bottom cages can cause abrasions that will likely lead to infection. Guinea pigs with Bumblefoot (Pododermatitis) should have […]

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In The Heat of The Moment…

In The Heat Of The Moment… … you may be required to treat your guinea for heatstroke. Whilst all guinea pig treatment should be prompt heatstroke requires attention immediately- attention to the guinea pig as opposed to phoning for a vet. Guinea pigs may come from South America but they have the freedom to move […]

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Closing Thoughts for OlympiGs and ParalympiGs 2012

Guineas come in all shapes, shades, sizes and characters. It’s worth grasping the “they’re all different” fact when you first become a guinea pig owner, what one guinea does another probably won’t, and that’s alright 🙂 One guinea pig might be huge another quite small but both can be healthy. Coats can be very different, […]

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Gorgeous Guineas’ Bathathon 2012

Gorgeous Guineas, the world’s only maker of guinea pig specific aromatherapy shampoos, recommend bathing in their gentle, yet effective, shampoos 4-6 wheekly. This was also recommended by the cambridge cavy Trust who carried out trials to collect their evidence. A bath should be over within half an hour, it will consist of getting the coat […]

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Sleepathon 2012

After eating and maybe a play in a pile of good hay guineas will sleep/rest. Sleeping guineas may have their eyes open or closed, some twitch and seem to be having an awesome dream whilst others will lay extremely  (worryingly for Humans) still. Their favoured bed may be a nice pile of hay (often they […]

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Hayathon 2012

It is widely known that guineas really enjoy their hay and coincidentally it keeps their teeth worn too as they use the side to side chewing action to eat it! It also keeps the digestive system moving along very nicely too, very important that long fibre, a guinea pig’s digestive system should never be allowed […]

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