Closing Thoughts for OlympiGs and ParalympiGs 2012

Guineas come in all shapes, shades, sizes and characters. It’s worth grasping the “they’re all different” fact when you first become a guinea pig owner, what one guinea does another probably won’t, and that’s alright 🙂 One guinea pig might be huge another quite small but both can be healthy.

Coats can be very different, the well being of the guinea is going to be more dependent on the care it receives from its owner in this case.

Some of the below are purebred and their histories and parentage is known, others are a mixture of many many varieties and their history is unknown.

Whether you get your guinea from a breeder because you want a certain colour/variety or a rescue do make sure that the source you choose is reputable. Whilst we have many many guineas needing homes in rescues it is important to encourage the good sources of guinea pigs. We will always need rescues regardless of who breeds the guinea pigs because of human nature and life (ie divorce/moving/allergies etc).

Grass, a good dental workout...

Light at the end of the tunnel, but I wanted hay...

Pigs just wanna have fun...

Fox Guinea Pigs, Mr fantastic, Mrs Fox

Abyssinian, Emi

Alpaca, Bee

Alpaca, Bee

Dolly mixture, Lily

Mum n Pup, Sweet and Bertha

Medically overweight, Angel

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