Steps for happy feet…

Bumblefoot is when an ulcerated foot becomes infected.

  • Use soft bedding: Abrasive bedding, such as woodshavings, may cause lesions which are then open to infection.
  • House guineas in cages with solid floors. Wire bottom cages can cause abrasions that will likely lead to infection.
  • Guinea pigs with Bumblefoot (Pododermatitis) should have access to soft bedding such as Vetbed.
  • Poor sanitary conditions will increase the likliehood of infection. Keep the cage clean.
  • Rare cases of obesity may cause problems. Pressure may be put on the feet causing sores and leading to infection; diets with a high (70%) hay content are the ideal and are easy to achieve.
  • Old age and mobility problems (e.g. arthritis, osteodystrophy etc) can put pressure on the pads and may eventually cause sores to varying degrees that can become open and infected. Ensure these guineas have a soft bedding, such as Flax, and access to a soft bedding such as Vetbed (although some will choose not to use it!).
  • Nails and spurs need to be kept short. Long nails can put pressure on the back of the foot and cause problems that may lead to open sores and infection. Curly nails will eventually go into other toes or pads which will likely become infected.

Gorgeous Guineas have created several ointments to relieve sore paws. Several varieties are available dependant on the problem. For more information and products see: and

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