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Good Guinea Pig Health

Protection from and treatment of, illness and injury. Access to a guinea pig competent vet, find one before you need one! Some tips on keeping your guinea pig healthy. Know where your nearest guinea pig competent vet is, (vet as opposed to just the surgery, one good vet does not a good surgery make). See “Questions […]

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Maggie and Big Dave

What happened for you to need a friend? In the summer of 2012, my brother died at the age of 4 years old from kidney failure. I was left very sad and lonely, even though we never appeared to be particularly “close”. How did you find your friend? Where did you find your friend? I went dating at […]

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Steps for happy feet… Bumblefoot is when an ulcerated foot becomes infected. Use soft bedding: Abrasive bedding, such as woodshavings, may cause lesions which are then open to infection. House guineas in cages with solid floors. Wire bottom cages can cause abrasions that will likely lead to infection. Guinea pigs with Bumblefoot (Pododermatitis) should have […]

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Bed O’ Linum

Bed O’ Linum Criteria and questions: Animal Welfare Act minimum size cage, 4 foot by 2 foot, used to make the trial realistic. Guineas will always differ in “output” though! 2 guinea pigs Enough bedding to cover the newspaper but NOT deep, (Deep bedding can easily hide injury to limbs/walking abnormally). Bedding removed and replaced […]

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Bedding Sources

Beddings all have their pros and cons, providing they are not harmful to the guinea pigs and allow them to forage (a natural behaviour), it is, for the most part, down to the individual to choose which bedding suits them best. The local farm/farm shop is the best place to get bedding from. Not only […]

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