Guinea Pig Welfare Wheek 2012

Guinea Pig Welfare Wheek evolved from a Piggy PM I did at Tilehurst Active Vetcare, afterwards we were discussing how rabbits have a welfare week and not guineas. It was suggested that we trial one along the same lines, in fact it turned out to have more clients than the rabbit one in the same year! This will be our third Guinea Pig Welfare Wheek, during the Welfare Wheek guinea pig owners can make an appointment for a free health check for their guinea pigs, and, once again, companies have donated guinea pig goodies for the free goody bags.

Gorgeous Guineas and The Hay Experts have been supporters of Guinea Pig Welfare Wheek from the beginning, they were in fact the companies that supported me for the Piggy PMs too. Gorgeous Guineas have donated some of their handmade shampoos and from The Hay Experts we have a selection of yummy hays! Deans hay and Burns hay have also donated some hay this year which will be packed in colourful Bags of Fun for playing in. Hay is not just for eating! It is for sleeping in, tunneling in as well.

The Wheek runs from November 12 until the 16 November inclusive. Health checks are with vets that see lots of guinea pigs every week from all over the South. You will be advised if further treatment for anything is necessary. Please take guineas for their checks in pairs, this should be true whenever a vet visit is needed.

To book an appointment with Tilehurst Active Vetcare for a free health check (s) for your guinea pig(s) Tel: 0118 9428240 and ask for an appointment for a Guinea Pig Welfare free health check.

Tilehurst Veterinary Centre
19 School Road,
RG31 5AR

Guinea Pig Welfare Wheek 2012 Bee there

More information about the practice and vets here:

If you are travelling by train get off at Reading main station and catch the number 17 bus from the town centre outside Broad Street Mall to the White House Stop which is directly outside the surgery.

Thank you for your support! Without it there would be no Welfare Wheek, lets keep it happening 🙂

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