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Wheekback for Guinea Pig Welfare Wheek…

Feedback, facts and figures from Clinical director Jenny Towers of Active Vetcare: “We checked about 25 pigs (some together!) and found that a lot were healthy but also dental problems (incisors and molars ), skin disease – mostly fungal. Lumps and bumps and one that had signs of cystitis.” Jenny agrees that next year we […]

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Guinea Pig Welfare Wheek 3, 2012

  The third Guinea Pig Welfare Wheek was held from 12 to the 16 November at Active Vetcare, Tilehurst. The aim is to provide quality healthchecks and information to the local guinea pig community, be they pet owners or enthusiasts. The preparation begins well in advance, as well as the free health check we think […]

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That was the pig that was…

Zola… On Ninth November 2012 the lovely Zola went to be a Star on Planet Guinea; she’s the dark but prominent one, soft, blunt edges, still and silent but capturing your gaze with hers… Missing You is easy, Remembering You is not, I want to feel your gaze, Smell your warmth, See your thoughts as […]

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Fireworks and Guineas… Or Not.

A Few Firework Related Facts: But first, fireworks are NOT fun for guinea pigs, fireworks are loud, sudden noises that come from nowhere. It’s the fact that they come suddenly, with no warning and are unfamiliar that frightens guineas. Whilst Guineas adjust to the sound of the vacuum cleaner and other household noises this is […]

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Guinea Pig Welfare Wheek 2012

Guinea Pig Welfare Wheek evolved from a Piggy PM I did at Tilehurst Active Vetcare, afterwards we were discussing how rabbits have a welfare week and not guineas. It was suggested that we trial one along the same lines, in fact it turned out to have more clients than the rabbit one in the same […]

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