Fireworks and Guineas… Or Not.

A Few Firework Related Facts:

  • But first, fireworks are NOT fun for guinea pigs, fireworks are loud, sudden noises that come from nowhere. It’s the fact that they come suddenly, with no warning and are unfamiliar that frightens guineas.
  • Whilst Guineas adjust to the sound of the vacuum cleaner and other household noises this is because eventually they become everyday familiar sounds, though guineas do not, by any means, become totally bullet proof!
  • Some people recommend putting a radio on while fireworks are being let off and although this may help muffle some sounds often it cannot muffle the sound of fireworks going off nearby.
  • It seems fireworks will happen, and the only thing you can do is to move the guineas away from the sounds if possible (or as far away as possible) and/or provide lots of hay in hidey hole such as fiddlestix or cardboard boxes with holes cut out etc for them to hide in so they can, at least feel safe and secure until the noises have stopped. You can’t stop a guinea pig feeling frightened, but you can help them cope with the situation.
  • It should go without saying that NO guineas should be outside at this time of year anyway because of the damp air (UK), where guineas are outside they should be moved inside and care taken that they don’t undergo a big temperature when being moved out. Fireworks going off are another good reason for not housing guineas outside.
  • It should also go without saying that NO guineas should be on their own anyway, let alone during fireworks night! If your guinea pig lives alone maybe fireworks night will demonstrate a good reason for them needing to be with a friend. If you no longer want to keep guineas and this is your last one howabout considering asking a rescue if they would let you foster one and return it when it becomes a single guinea or even surrendering your current guinea to a rescue?
  • Guinea pigs come in an explosion of colours, just like fireworks, in fact I would guess that there are more guinea pig colours than there are colours of fireworks. Guinea pig colours can be from Lilac, Slate Blue, to Red, Buff, Caramel, Golden and a whole host of marked varieties from Dalmatian to Dutch, Agouti to Tort and White…
  • Although the Catherine Wheel may seem a fairly sedate firework to Humans to guinea pigs the prolonged noise can be very scary. Talking of wheels, guinea pigs do not use wheels to play on, those are for hamsters.
  • Have fun this fireworks night but consider a display rather than home fireworks that will be close to neighbouring animals/pets and consider your guinea pigs’ wellbeing by putting in a massive pile of hay (as opposed to big!) for them to hide in.

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November 3, 2012   Posted in: Health, Miscellaneous, Seasonal care