Guinea Pig Welfare Wheek 3, 2012


The third Guinea Pig Welfare Wheek was held from 12 to the 16 November at Active Vetcare, Tilehurst. The aim is to provide quality healthchecks and information to the local guinea pig community, be they pet owners or enthusiasts. The preparation begins well in advance, as well as the free health check we think this is the ideal time for guinea pig friendly businesses to promote their products. Guinea Pig Welfare will only supply products that are guinea pig friendly in the Goody Bags and this year we decided that we should pursue the importance of hay in a guinea pig’s life. We achived this by providing a variety of hays and presenting them in Bags of Fun, paper bags stuffed with hay that can be put straight into the cage for guinea to play in.

Donation from The Hay Experts

Donation from Gorgeous Guineas

Labels for Bags

Bags of Fun

We combined this with our “One Is Not Enough” message. This was displayed on the goody bags and on the big display board in the waiting room.

One is not enough!


Display Board

Goody BagS because 1 was not enough!

There is also the free health check with a guinea pig competent vet. Tilehurst Active Vetcare see many guinea pigs every week and have excellent and experienced surgeons that are used to operating on guinea pigs. They have done over 70 castrates for Reading Guinea Pig Rescue (now closed) alone.

Waiting for their healthcheck….




Back home the guineas can tuck into their goodies…

Guineas with goody bag

Fudge and Nougat enjoying their Green Oat Hay


Many thanks to: Gorgeous Guineas, The Hay Experts, Burns Pet Nutrition, Deans Farm and Scottish Timothy Hay for their generous donations.

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