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The Issue with Permethrin…

Thanks go to Daisy’s Human, Louise, for sending us this story in the hope that it will publicise the need to check exactly what you are giving your guinea pigs and to underline the fact that it should not be Permethrin! All medicines have side effects and all guineas will react differently and with varying […]

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The Magnificent Seven…

This story was first posted in October 2008…   … made their way onto Planet Guinea this afternoon at around 3.30 and finished arriving at around 4.30. Not totally sure on times but it took about an hour for them all to arrive. The eighth, Wonder has already gone to be a Star on Planet […]

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  “Hamish was adorable and clearly wanted to be loved too. Tara chose him as her new friend when she was already five. She was pretty set in her ways by then and it took a few days of rearing heads and chattering teeth for her to accept that he was now in charge but […]

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Cakey’s Story, so far…

Cakey joined our family 6 and a half years ago. At the rescue centre my step-daughter was torn between him and his brother or another pair of pigs. I loved the look of this brown “wild-looking” animal and persuaded her that they were the pair for us. In the car on the way home she […]

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Guinea Pig Welfare Wheek 3, 2012

  The third Guinea Pig Welfare Wheek was held from 12 to the 16 November at Active Vetcare, Tilehurst. The aim is to provide quality healthchecks and information to the local guinea pig community, be they pet owners or enthusiasts. The preparation begins well in advance, as well as the free health check we think […]

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Fireworks and Guineas… Or Not.

A Few Firework Related Facts: But first, fireworks are NOT fun for guinea pigs, fireworks are loud, sudden noises that come from nowhere. It’s the fact that they come suddenly, with no warning and are unfamiliar that frightens guineas. Whilst Guineas adjust to the sound of the vacuum cleaner and other household noises this is […]

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