Inside The Hutch…

Agouti Pigsta, Wilma

“Inside The Hutch” is the Guinea Pig Welfare theme for 2013, each month we will be focusing on a different topic with a relevant story to go with it. To kick off January we have enlisted the help of Agouti Pigsta Wilma, who will be telling her own story so far. Wilma found Guinea Pig Welfare on Facebook and offered her services but was previously known to us, a few months ago, through Gorgeous Guineas!

“We first heard about Wilma through my step daughter Katie and the story was that she was now living alone and outside in the cold with very little basic comforts. My step daughter suggested to her owner tactfully that myself and her mum (Sue) were very fond of Guineas and that we could give her a good home with our other Guineas. She came to live with us shortly after we returned from our Christmas holidays last year and understood from the information given that she was a he! Therefore we called our new Guinea Wilbur and arranged for him to have a pamper session with Chrissie Slade at Gorgeous Guineas. Chrissie phoned us when Wilbur was ready to collect and told us that actually our new Guinea was a she and suggested the name Wilma. We were delighted with the news actually as this meant that Wilma could eventually join our other Guineas, a sow Winnie and Piglett our neutered boar.
Since that day Wilma has settled into her new home very well, she is a joy to own and has very much established her own place within the group. She especially loves to play and hide in plenty of hay and is always first to jump in when fresh hay appears!!”

Margaret and Sue

During January Guinea Pig Welfare will be focusing on the similar, same and completely different needs of boars and sows and emphasisng that the 2 genders need to separated by 4 wheeks of age to prevent further pregnancies from occuring!

Wilma and friends, Piglett and Winnie


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