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Diary of Samson’s Castrate

Samson was to be the next boar to live with the girls but first there was the little matter of having him castrated. Samson is already a Dad and two of his daughters are already living here. Monday: The day before the castrate Samson has a Gorgeous Guineas‘ Spring Into Summer bath so  he is […]

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“To Be Allowed To Express Normal Behaviour”

The ability to express normal behaviour. To be able to burrow in hay, run and have shelter to ‘hide’ in if desired. To have a friend(s) in the correct living sized accommodation.     Hay and a compatible friend are probably the most important components for allowing guinea pigs to express “normal” behaviour. Both hay and […]

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First Aid

A list of what is needed for first aid for guinea pigs:  First Aid to mean” initial emergency care prior to veterinary attention”. Often this first aid treatment is potentially life saving action before guinea can be assessed by a vet. Therefore the products listed will be “must haves” as opposed to what is needed […]

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Good Guinea Pig Health

Protection from and treatment of, illness and injury. Access to a guinea pig competent vet, find one before you need one! Some tips on keeping your guinea pig healthy. Know where your nearest guinea pig competent vet is, (vet as opposed to just the surgery, one good vet does not a good surgery make). See “Questions […]

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Guinea Pig Diet Facts

Guinea pigs need a proper diet, including fresh water (taken from the Animal Welfare Act, 5 Freedoms): Fresh food  twice daily, unlimited good hay, with hay making up the main part of the overall diet.     Hay makes up the main part of the diet, around 75-80%, feed approximately guinea’s body size in hay, how much […]

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April, Husbandry

“animal husbandry: care and raising of domesticated animals” defintion of husbandry from During April our theme is Husbandry- the care and management aspects of. We will be looking at basic care, based on the 5 Freedoms as recommended to DEFRA  by the RSPCA. Points we will cover are: A proper diet, including fresh water. Fresh […]

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What is a guinea pig rescue?

    What should the role of a rescue be? Guinea Pig Welfare believes rescues have an extremely important role in the guinea pig community. As they are often looked upon as a good and beneficial source, the responsibility of accuracy of information and education is paramount. Rescues are often trusted because they have simply […]

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March, 4 Guinea Pig Rescue…

The Guinea Pig Welfare theme for March is “March, 4 Guinea Pig Rescue”. During March we will be looking at different aspects of Guinea Pig Rescue. To contribute to our feature visit our Facebook page here and leave your comments. We will be featuring some rather influential rescue guinea pigs and seeing what part they […]

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