Chantilly and Mr. Big

Chantilly and Mr. Big (44g) day 1

First Posted May 23, 2008


On Wednesday evening Chantilly gave birth to 3 pups, 2 were stillborn and one is extremely tiny yet seemingly fighting fit. The whole event was quite traumatic and it was the least I could do to stay with her until she was settled again. Compared to other births this one was quite bloody and Chantilly was intent on cleaning herself up followed by 2 hours of non stop eating. As the Little One was still very wet and getting cold I dried him off with a towel and gave him some massages. He was unable to hold his little head up or even walk as a newborn guinea should be able to do. The majority of guinea pig births go well and no interference whatsoever is needed.

Periodically he was put back in with Mum to check whether or not she was ready for him. Eventually she came over and lay by him and washed him thoroughly. No suckling seemed to happen that night- at least not while I was there but Chantilly was showing a maternal interest and it was the most that could be hoped for.

The next morning I was prepared for the worst but was ‘greeted’ by a bouncing baby! The transformation was amazing :) His head was now held high and he had sorted out how to co ordinate those large feet of his :) Still no evidence of suckling from Mum but he tried his best to follow her around, despite getting tired out rather quickly.

That evening he weighed in at 1.6oz/44g, I have been ‘brought up’ to belive that babies under 2oz do not stand a good chance of survival. For Chantilly’s sake I hope he makes it, she has been through so much- you really had to be there to know and feel the panic in her. She has settled into being a doting Mum but isn’t forgetting her own needs and is not backwards in coming forwards to ask for her food.

This evening (Friday) Little One has been showing an interest in Timothy Hay and Spring Greens but can’t quite manage to eat them yet- unlike Bertha and Solo who were eating within hours of being born.

At this moment I am hopeful for Little One, he’s showing every sign of being ‘OK’, who says size matters?!

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