Still Solo, but not solitary…

The time came this wheek for Mr Big to move out of the family home. He has already reached the grand age of four wheeks and as cute as baby Mr Bigs would be we certainly don’t need any! There were two options, to move in with his cousins or to pair him up with Solo. As Solo was living alone it seemed only fair to give him first refusal.


They met in a ‘bare run’ (bare as in no houses,). Solo was most excited to have company after months of living alone and making do with living next to other guineas. He rumbled and strutted at Mr Big, who took it all in his stride, for about 5 minutes before settling down. Mr Big was happy to trot away if Solo got too enthusiastic and when Solo’s curiosity had waned he gave Mr Big a head wash (Chantilly hasn’t been seen grooming Mr Big for a while now 🙂 ). The two boys had went about their business (eating mostly) and took it in turns to trot behind one another.


After a successful afternoon in the run next to Cloud and his girls they came inside to their new hutch. By now hay and anything else that was edible was far more interesting than paying attention to the other one and they have settled happily for the night 🙂


Whether or not this pairing lasts remains to be seen, Mr Big is a very laid back boar- at the moment, but teenage hormones can change all that and will be taken into consideration when he is rehomed. He probably won’t leave here until he is at least 12 wheeks old. Maybe with the delightful Solo, maybe not 🙂



Solo, Mr. Big’s new friend…

Karen (pleased that the boys haven’t complicated life for me 🙂 )

January 20, 2013   Posted in: FaceBook/You Tube, Inside The Hutch, One Is Not Enough, Planet Guinea, The Pig Issue