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Mr Big, 4 wheeks old

First Posted June 20, 2008


Despite that shaky start to life Mr Big has been taking advantage of what he has got- a Mum all to himself, some yummy solids that he can, at last manage and friends to play with :) His weight on the 17 June was 203g and he certainly looks more guinea pig shape now, previously he had a kind of hunched kangaroo appearance about him, but he has a nice long back now and legs that fit :)

After mastering the art of eating hays it was only a matter of time before he started to attack the veggies and is now into anything and everything, including Cavy Cuisine which is a good size for his little smiley mouth.

He has a sort of hairstyle going on that looks like it could possibly be Sheltie type though not ‘full grown’ I suspect. Baby Shelties are a bit more obvious than he is, but who knows Mr Big is quite an immature little boy. He still hasn’t discovered his rumble, I can confirm he is definitely a ‘Mr’ but will need to come away from Mum shortly, just in case. It has been a wheek now since I last saw him suckle from Mum, I don’t expect he does anymore. He’s happy grazing and eating solids and his weight increase shows it suits him.

He finds Miss Tickle’s twins a constant source of fun and they zoom round their cage and play in the hay, often Mr Big can be found snuggled with one of them. The little Rex boar will make a good hutchmate for him when the time for seperation comes…

Mr. Big, 4 wheeks old and 203g


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