Maggie and Big Dave

What happened for you to need a friend?

In the summer of 2012, my brother died at the age of 4 years old from kidney failure. I was left very sad and lonely, even though we never appeared to be particularly “close”.

How did you find your friend? Where did you find your friend?

I went dating at Glynneath Guinea Pig Rescue in Glynneath, South Wales. As a neutered boar, having lived with another boar all my life, I decided that it was time to get myself a wife. A lovely lady called Suzy, cupid to cavies, who runs the rescue initially set me up with a gorgeous dark-eyed-white sow, but unfortunately there were too many “personality differences” for us to become hus-boar and wife-pig. It was a shame, as she was a real stunner! Next on the dating scene, was Maggot.

Why did you chose this particular pigson?

Maggot wasn’t my idea of beauty, by any stretch of the imagination. She was a very funny looking pig. Her previous owner hadn’t looked after her very well at all, so she was very thin and scruffy, and would just sit staring into the corner of her cage. When she arrived at the rescue, her cage was thick with several weeks worth of poo, and she was very sad. Her name, Maggot, gives an idea of the state of her cage. When she arrived at the rescue, she was in such a state that she wasn’t expected to survive. After some TLC from Suzy, in the form of a clean cage, warm bed and some good food, she gained strength and was eventually ready for rehoming, even if she was still a bit odd looking.

Her behaviour on our date was surprisingly rude! Suzy explained that as she’d never had any interaction with another pig (or any other animal, including her human), she didn’t understand pig-etiquette. I’m a gentle-pig though, so I didn’t let it phase me. It turns out, that looks can be deceiving, and that beauty is in the eye of the beholder! This strange looking, lost little pig had a wonderful pig-sonality (under the rudeness!), and we found ourselves falling for each other. After our initial date, we spent a week in the honeymoon suite at Glynneath GPR, and then returned home, where we have lived happily ever after!

What is life like now?

Married life is great, it’s gone to both our waistlines a little though!

After a few months of wedded bliss, Maggot unfortunately became unwell. After the local vet was stumped, she travelled to a specialist, who diagnosed her with abscesses in her throat around her vocal cords, something that they’d never seen before. After a lot of treatment (which she never once complained about!) over several weeks and a four-figure vet bill, she’s now back to 100% health. Unfortunately, I’m now currently unwell with a problem with my bladder, but Maggot is being the ever attentive wife-pig and not eating my share of the veggies! Unfortunately for our human, we’re certainly testing the “in sickness and health” part of our vows!

Despite being unwell, Maggot has blossomed into a delightful little pig; she’s very curious and a real character. She’s no longer called Maggot, I call her Maggie now, as she’s a real iron lady! She’s testament to the hard work and dedication that Suzy at Glynneath GPR puts in to all the pigs that cross her threshold, and proof that even the saddest rescue tale can become real treasure, if given the chance.



By Big Dave (aged 5 1/2 years)


Maggie and Big Dave

BD smile

Big Dave’s “in love” smile



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