The Magnificent Seven…

This story was first posted in October 2008…


… made their way onto Planet Guinea this afternoon at around 3.30 and finished arriving at around 4.30. Not totally sure on times but it took about an hour for them all to arrive. The eighth, Wonder has already gone to be a Star on Planet Guinea.

I found 4 little bodies all clean and correct linerd up nose to tail as per usual and quite fluffy, but was suprised to see Posy still had bright red blood on her nose, guineas are normally so quick at cleaning up inbetween and after birthing. Seconds after this thought I noticed a ‘lump’ under Posy and lo and behold there were 5, this was number 6 actually, number 5 was Wonder, now a star on Planet Guinea. Number 6 was cleaned up and ‘got moving’, then Posy went back to see Wonder and had another vigourous groom etc, it was not to be though. In quite a short time the last two were born and I moved Little Black round to Posy to clean up as she’d started eating and grooming herself.

My guess is (though thats all it is and it could be quite different!) that Posy had 4 quite easily, then Wonder the little dead one. Because the first 4 were so dry and fluffy I tend to think that it took quite a time for Wonder to be born, at one stage they looked like 2 different litters but they’re all dry now and snuggled together.

On closer examination one of them appears not to have any eyes or is having trouble opening them. It does happen that pups have eye trouble when they’re born and eyes get sticky but at the moment it doesn’t look like there’s any sign of eyes. He’s done a lap round the hutch though and is one of the bigger ones so I don’t think it’ll be a problem. I’m more concerned about the smaller baby who is noticably smaller than everyone else, he’s got a tough time ahead with all those siblings, so heres hoping they all take to hard food soon :)

Which one is Hamish (Maple)

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