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Cakey’s Story, so far…

Cakey joined our family 6 and a half years ago. At the rescue centre my step-daughter was torn between him and his brother or another pair of pigs. I loved the look of this brown “wild-looking” animal and persuaded her that they were the pair for us. In the car on the way home she […]

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Having her Cakey and eating it…

The lovely Chantilly who had such a tragic start to her little life has finally found love and friendship in Cakey who has also had a rough time of things lately. Chantilly was discovered by a German Shepherd Dog on some wasteland, running with a group of guinea pigs.   On arrival she was obviously […]

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Still Solo, but not solitary…

The time came this wheek for Mr Big to move out of the family home. He has already reached the grand age of four wheeks and as cute as baby Mr Bigs would be we certainly don’t need any! There were two options, to move in with his cousins or to pair him up with […]

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Guinea Pig Welfare Wheek 3, 2012

  The third Guinea Pig Welfare Wheek was held from 12 to the 16 November at Active Vetcare, Tilehurst. The aim is to provide quality healthchecks and information to the local guinea pig community, be they pet owners or enthusiasts. The preparation begins well in advance, as well as the free health check we think […]

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It’s getting Boaring…

Apprehensive about what’s to come maybe? Jimmy was recently bereaved and his Humans, despite loving him to bits, had decided that he would be their last guinea. However, they knew that Jimmy needed company and no guinea pig should be on their own. When they ‘phoned the local rescue and asked if they could take […]

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One Is Not Enough…

For the first time ever Guinea Pig Welfare is going to have a “theme” for 2012. It will be “One Is Not Enough” to highlight the need for guineas to have compatible company of their own choosing. Over the 10+ years of doing rescue socialisation/company has always been prominent. I have never rehomed a guinea […]

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