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Fireworks and Guineas… Or Not.

A Few Firework Related Facts: But first, fireworks are NOT fun for guinea pigs, fireworks are loud, sudden noises that come from nowhere. It’s the fact that they come suddenly, with no warning and are unfamiliar that frightens guineas. Whilst Guineas adjust to the sound of the vacuum cleaner and other household noises this is […]

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Happy Halloween, but did you know..?

Some frighteningly funny and seriously spooky facts about guineas… Guinea pigs eat their soft droppings, known as coprophagy, to obtain vitamins not taken in the first time around. Guinea pigs frequently live until 6 years, and more and sometimes to 9 or even more! Some guineas are great hairdressers and will give their friends a […]

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The Bottom Line…

Anal Impaction: A condition mostly seen in older boars. Guinea pigs are coprophagic, meaning they eat their soft droppings as part of the digestive process. These droppings are retained in the anal sac while the dry hard ones are pushed out. The soft caecal pellets contain the B-Complex vitamins and are important to the guinea […]

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Girl Talk…

Specifically Sows… Sows can have the same characters as boars and should not be judged on their gender, however there are some things that are specific to them… Cystic Ovaries: A problem in the reproductive system. Symptoms can include bilateral (both sides) hairloss, dominant behaviour towards others,  enlarged/crusty nipples and, in the latter stages, the […]

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Steps for happy feet… Bumblefoot is when an ulcerated foot becomes infected. Use soft bedding: Abrasive bedding, such as woodshavings, may cause lesions which are then open to infection. House guineas in cages with solid floors. Wire bottom cages can cause abrasions that will likely lead to infection. Guinea pigs with Bumblefoot (Pododermatitis) should have […]

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Guinea Pig Welfare Week 2011

Active VetCare Tilehurst held their second Guinea Pig Welfare Week starting 7 November 2011. In 2010 Karen tentatively decided to give the week a go based on the format used by Rabbit Welfare. As it was the first time there was no real pressure, if the guinea pig community wanted it it would be up […]

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Blowing One’s Own Trumpet…

There is no point in blowing your own trumpet if no one is listening but if they are then… Many thanks for every one’s Emails etc over the years, but this one in particular summed up everything I stand for and want to represent: Some Northern guineas have the good fortune to belong to a […]

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